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This service is subject to being turned off without notice. It is unsupported. If it works, fine. If it doesn't, don't complain. Here are some alternatives for you to consider and if you have a resident geek, you could always put up a mirror:



* Adam Curry's JavaScript RSS-Box Viewer

* Infinite Penguins RSS Viewer

* RSS-xpress Lite from UKOLN at the University of Bath

Maricopa Community College

For the programmers among you, you can investigate this list of RSS parsers.

This is a service for including customized versions of RSS feeds in web pages.

Enter the URL of your RSS feed:
A userland channel number will also work, but is deprecated.

<% if not request.querystring("c")&""="" then c=request.querystring("c") else c="" end if refresh="" if not request.querystring("refresh")&""="" then refresh="&refresh=true" end if %>


<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JavaScript SRC=<%=c%><%=refresh%>> </SCRIPT>

Generates the following:

The full features and customization instructions are here





Old Stuff

Major Revision and Change of Focus (Nov. 2001)

All the old code still works, but I've re-written the code for specifying a channel by its url, so that it caches nicely (updates once a day). This makes supplying a url instead of the Userland channel number very easy. I haven't yet rewritten the refresh code.

4/17/2001 - Released source code to channel.asp. I have not released source code to the robot that goes around and picks up the channels in the first place, which is written in Frontier. The channel.asp code probably isn't too pretty to look at, but it works with all versions of RSS and ScriptingNews formats. License.

This is a service for including customized versions of myUserland channels in web pages. If you know the channel number you're looking for, just go straight to the preview page.

David Carter-Tod
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